Canadian songstress Mimika has always been a sucker for stories. Raised in a rural area of Brampton, ON Mimika spent her early years writing stories, poems, and scripts. She cites her childhood as being a time of complete freedom and mass creativity fueled further by the nonstop stream of music flowing through her house. Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Destiny’s Child, and Celine Dion are some of the first entertainers she remembers hearing. These artists inspired Mimika from a young age to decide that she was going to be a performer.

Combining her passion for writing captivating tales with the inherent need to entertain she began performing her own music before she was in high school. She released her debut single ‘New Fears’ in 2018 and thanks to her live performances, tenacious online presence, and unyielding work ethic quickly raked in thousands of streams.

Now, Mimika’s moved on to a new stage in her life and career. Having recently been featured in All Access and Rawckus Magazine as well as, Live In Limbo and multiple other publications her newest release ‘my feelings hurt’ is the second installment of her micro-mixtape series. The ‘micro-mixtape’ series is meant to capture some of the most intimate and important times in Mimika’s life with a focus on two or three distinct emotions within each release.

"It’s a sumptuous voice, rife with exaggerated delicacy, intense intimacy, and gorgeous haunting complexity." - Rawckus Magazine, 2019

"Mimika’s powerful vocals form a vital addition to this stunning track. She provides the soft, melodic touch that could be otherwise lost in the percussion."- Musik Magazine, 2019

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Toronto, ON, Canada

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